Multimedia AAC Language Laboratory

Teaching/learning languages in innovative way in the classroom and remotely

Key advantages

Provides teachers with tools to create engaging and effective lessons

Easy to use Classroom Management tools available with TeachLab®.

Share teacher’s screen and sounds to one, group of or all students.

Assign and monitor students’ activities in real time.

Share multimedia and digital content with the class and remote students.

Share student’s work with other students.

Create conversational groups and pairing activities.

Broadcast a video/movie in real time with teacher’s audio support.

Perform dynamic written exercises in a foreign language trough the Chat function.

Assign exercises and send files to students and collect work product.

Students’ work is automaticaly recorded  for evaluation.

Provide support to students’ by taking control of their KB/mouse with audio connection.

Use Comparative Recorder for creation of written and oral exercises and quizzes.

Students’ conversation in pairs, teacher can monitor and intervene.

See LanguageLab® flyer and Presentation for more details